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Energy-oriented refurbishment

What is energy-oriented refurbishment? And why does it call for a detailed refurbishment plan?

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Renewable heating and energy savings

Renewable heating and energy savings: these are the two cornerstones of any energy-oriented refurbishment.

In other words

  • it’s about reducing a house’s energy consumption

  • covering the remaining needs with environmentally-friendly energy.

Energy-oriented refurbishment is an important component of the energy turnaround and is increasingly being required by law.

It also pays off from a long-term perspective financially: the energy-oriented refurbishment of a building serves to preserve or even increase its value. And refurbishing the building in this way frequently pays off through significantly lower heating costs. Anyone planning a major home conversion should therefore examine the theme of renewable heating in more detail.

Minergie House and Co.

A Minergie House is today a byword for energy savings in the buildings sector. However, there are other standards for new builds and energetically refurbished buildings.

By way of comparison:

  • an average house built in the 1970s requires around 22 litres of heating oil per square metre and year.

  • A building constructed according to the 2008 model provisions (2008 Model Provisions of the Cantons in the Energy Sector) only requires just under five litres of heating oil per square metre and year

  • The 2014 Model Provisions of the Cantons in the Energy Sector reduce this to just under four litres per square metre and year – roughly the same as a Minergie House.

Carrying out an extensive refurbishment of an old building in terms of energy reduces its heating energy consumption – and therefore its heating costs – by around five times.

Energy-oriented refurbishment according to requirements

With its 2050 Energy Strategy, the Federal Government wishes to exit nuclear power production, expand renewable energies and increase the energy efficiency of buildings, production processes and transport. The measures are intended to facilitate a 2000-Watt Society by 2050 that causes no more than 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per capita each year.

For the refurbishment of buildings, the Model Provisions of the Cantons in the Energy Sector are the most important requirements. More and more cantons are implementing them. The aim of the Model Provisions of the Cantons in the Energy Sector is to reduce the energy consumption of both old and new buildings.

Buildings with an energy efficiency class of E or worse are particularly affected: they must either be made at least ten percent more efficient by means of energy-oriented refurbishment or ten percent of their future energy requirements must be covered by renewable energy.

Refurbishment plan and taxes

The energy-oriented refurbishment of a building can be carried out in one go or in stages.

The latter is generally the norm for several reasons:

  • Energy efficiency measures are tax-deductible and the leverage for this can be increased over multiple years

  • Total refurbishment entails a large one-off investment

  • The house in question cannot remain inhabited during the construction work. A refurbishment plan is important in order to define the individual stages.

Expert tips for the refurbishment

The individual stages of energy-oriented refurbishment must be coordinated with one another and this is why having a refurbishment plan is so important. Generally speaking, the building shell should first be insulated and the windows refurbished before embarking on the heating replacement, as an energy-efficient building will need a smaller – and less expensive – heating system than a poorly insulated one.

Experts recommend the following stages when planning refurbishment:

  1. Energy consulting with GEAK or GEAK Plus: the first stage shows which measures offer the greatest energy savings and how costly they are.

  2. Roof insulation and cellar insulation: considerable energy savings can already be achieved with these measures that are easy to implement. They may in themselves meet the requirements of the 2014 Model Provisions of the Cantons in the Energy Sector.

  3. Façade insulation: thermally insulating the façade is the most effective but also the costliest measure. It is particularly worthwhile if the façade needs refurbishing in any case.

  4. Window refurbishment: this is the most effective measure alongside façade insulation. It not only reduces the consumption of heating energy but also significantly increases living comfort.

  5. Heating replacement: heating from renewable sources is not only good for the environment but will also protect your own finances – especially if you produce the energy yourself: a photovoltaic installation on the roof can be used to generate your own electricity, and solar panels enable domestic water to be heated virtually free of charge.

Funding of energy-oriented refurbishment

The funding of energy-oriented refurbishment is constantly changing. The most important funding programme is the building programme: this supports measures for improving energy efficiency such as roof insulation, façade insulation and window refurbishment. There is also funding for the use of renewable energies. The cantons decide which measures are supported by the building programme.

In addition, there are also numerous cantonal and municipal funding programmes. As it is not always easy to gain an overview, we recommend contacting a GEAK expert for energy consulting. These specialists know which funding programme for energy-oriented refurbishment measures is the most suitable, can assist you in applying for it and support owners in planning the conversion of their homes comprehensively.

Get the correct insurance for your investments

Carrying out eco-friendly renovations for a more energy efficient home is big investment in your property. But have you thought about the insurance for these new assets? With the building insurance from Mobiliar you are on the safe side and your investments in solar panels for example are protected.

If you’re looking to buy your dream home, Mobiliar also offers modern mortgage solutions that are adjusted to fit your needs perfectly.

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