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Cellar insulation

Insulating the cellar ceiling is a simple measure for preventing the loss of heat energy.

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Insulation of the cellar ceiling

Insulating the cellar is an easily realisable measure for saving energy. Up to ten percent of heat energy can escape from the house via the cellar. In order to prevent this, it is normally sufficient to insulate the cellar ceiling by means of insulating panels that are stuck or screwed on.

Hobby room with cellar insulation

If you wish to make active use of a cellar room, for instance as a workshop, music or training room, insulating the cellar ceiling will not suffice. To ensure these rooms also remain warm on cold winter days, both the cellar floor and all the walls must be insulated. The work for this type of cellar insulation is more extensive and costs considerably more than simply insulating the cellar ceiling.

Insulating the cellar yourself

As a cellar ceiling can be equipped with insulating panels relatively easily and quickly, DIY enthusiasts often insulate their cellars themselves. Before doing so, they should first have the structural situation clarified: depending on the situation, it may be necessary for the insulating panels to be fitted with a vapour barrier towards the cellar, as otherwise condensation could form in the insulating material. This would reduce and in the longer term even destroy the insulation of the cellar ceiling.

Funding for cellar insulation

Cellar insulations are subsidised by the Federal Government and cantons. However, in many places it is not sufficient just to insulate the cellar ceiling. In order to obtain funding, another measure must be implemented as part of an energy-oriented refurbishment, such as a window refurbishment, a façade insulation or a roof insulation.

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