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la Mobilière
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Why Buildigo?

Attractive job requests in your region

At Buildigo, we value your time. We will only send you relevant job requests from clients located nearby.

Focus on your craft, leave the rest to us

Acquiring new customers and taking care of the administrative tasks can be painful. We get that. Let Buildigo take care of these tasks for you, and focus on what you do best.

A fair & healthy competition

Dumping doesn't live here. At Buildigo, you only get compared with professionals who meet the same quality standards as you do. Moreover, we only send our clients' job requests to three Pros at max. For small jobs we make it even easier: reply quickly and you're guaranteed to get the job.

Only pay for what you get

Currently too busy? Has a client changed his mind? Don't worry. Except for our annual membership fee (only from the second year), we will only charge you when you successfully close a deal.

How it works

Offer-based job requests

The client files a job request on Buildigo, and we send it to you and two other relevant craftsmen located nearby.
We send you the client's contact information for free. Get to know the client and close the deal!
The client gave you the job? Great! Once the job is completed, we take care of payment processing for you.

Fixed-price job requests (start in Spring 2021)

The client creates a job request on Buildigo, and we calculate the right price automatically - you don't need to make an offer.
If you are interested in the job, we send you the client's contact information.
Once the job is done, send us your final invoice, and we will collect the payment from your customer for you.

Our partner model

Buildigo stands for quality. We have therefore established a very close partnership with La Mobilière in order to maintain high quality standards in our craftsmen network.


CHF 600.- / Year

(from the 2nd year)

+ 5.0%

per completed order


CHF 800.- / Year

(from the 2nd year)

+ 5.0%

per completed order

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