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Roof insulation

Roof insulation pays off. Depending on the situation, total roof refurbishment may do so even more.

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Energy-oriented roof refurbishment

Energy-oriented roof refurbishment makes sense as roof insulation significantly reduces thermal heat consumption. It has long been obligatory for new builds but is often missing in old houses. Roof insulation for pitched roofs can in many cases be installed from within, i.e. from the attic.

The material for roof insulation is normally the same as for insulating the façade. For attics made of wood, fire protection must also be taken into account in addition to energy requirements. Flame-retardant insulating material is frequently prescribed here.

Structure of roof insulation

Depending on the structure of the pitched roof, it may not be possible for the roof to be insulated from within, but instead it will have to be insulated via the rafters. This makes it necessary first of all to untile the roof. Only then can the insulating material be installed. In this case it is advisable for cost reasons to refurbish the entire roof at the same time – this is less expensive from a long-term perspective. This can potentially be combined with window refurbishment or new windows, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of the property.

The same applies to uninsulated flat roofs: in order to refurbish such a roof in an energy-oriented manner, the gravel covering and roof insulation (foil) must first be removed. Flat roofs are therefore best insulated while carrying out general roof refurbishment.

Insulate the floor instead of the roof

Roof insulation is costly. If you’d like to save costs, you can just insulate the attic floor instead of the pitched roof. The work for this is straightforward and soon carried out. However, the attic will then remain cold and it will not be possible to use it as additional living space – just like with cellar insulation. Ambitious DIY enthusiasts can insulate their attic floor themselves. However, they should take care to ensure that no thermal bridges arise where the floor adjoins the roof.

Costs of roof insulation

Energy-oriented roof refurbishments vary greatly in terms of cost – comparisons are barely possible as each roof is unique. Because in many cases the costs are not to be underestimated – especially if it is not possible to insulate from within – roof insulation should ideally be combined with roof refurbishment. This can form part of a comprehensive energy-oriented refurbishment.


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