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Buildigo - the craftsmen network of Die Mobiliar

Local and personal. Our digital platform is the best tool for all your renovation projects. For everyone, not just Mobiliar-Clients.

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Do you have a construction or renovation project and are looking for the right tradesmen? Buildigo will be happy to help you - even if you are not insured with Die Mobiliar.

Local and quality tested craftsmen

The local Mobiliar general agencies have been providing qualified tradesmen in the event of damage for decades. You therefore know which regional craftsmen you can rely on. Thanks to Buildigo, you now have access to this exclusive network for your repairs and renovation projects. The general agencies carefully select local partners for us. Benefit from many years of expertise and book quality-certified local craftsmen on Buildigo. Happiness guarantee included.

Buildigo and die Mobiliar

Die Mobiliar is the oldest insurance company in Switzerland and insures every third household and every third company. Buildigo has been a subsidiary of Mobiliar since summer 2020. Together we support tenants and owners with construction projects and insurance issues.

Thanks to this collaboration, as a Buildigo customer you benefit from the Mobiliar general agencies' many years of experience when it comes to arranging tradesmen in the event of damage. But it gets even better: at Buildigo we take care of all kinds of construction and renovation projects, not just damage claims.

This is how die Mobiliar supports you and your building project

Mobiliar offers all insurance for your specific living situation and building projects. She will also be happy to help you with insurance and financing your home. Mobiliar offers the following insurance for building owners:

  • Liability insurance

  • Household insurance

  • Building insurance

  • Construction insurance

  • Financing/Mortgage

Buildigo and the Mobiliar general agencies

Here you will find the Buildigo pages of the various local general Mobiliar agencies in your area: