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Lamp installation
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Lamp repair
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E-vehicles chargers
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Electrical wiring
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Sockets and switches
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Internet installation
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Kitchen appliance repair
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Appliance installation
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Air conditioning
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Smart home
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Install TV
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Electricians install and repair electrical systems in buildings. They lay cables, install switch boxes, sockets, switches and lamps.

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Tips and tricks from our pros
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19. July 2021
New kitchen?
Whether it is for small kitchens, standard kitchens, or kitchens with cooking islands: the installation or renovation of a kitchen belongs in the hands of a competent kitchen builder or carpenter.
Sanitär Küche
29. June 2021
What is a water softener ?
A water softener is a device that reduces water hardness. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of a water softener.
Is a solar power system worthwhile?
Simulate the production, costs and feasibililty of a solar power system with or without battery storage in just a few clicks.
Which is the most suitable heating system for your heating replacement?
Calculate the profitability and investment costs of your new heating system in just a few clicks.
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