PRESS RELEASE 12.08.2021

Buildigo joining forces with Payrexx for online booking and payment of self-employed tradespeople

Thun, 12 August 2021. Buildigo, a B2C platform for work in the home, and Payrexx, a payment provider, have joined forces to offer fuss-free, safe online payments for tradespeople’s services.

The work of a standard find-a-builder platform is done once you have submitted an enquiry. At Buildigo, however, customers and tradespeople are accompanied from start to finish, from enquiry to payment stage. Buildigo is now teaming up with Swiss payment platform Payrexx so that it can offer digital payments. Customers can choose to pay using the existing bank transfer process or simply pay by credit card.

For enquiries about smaller jobs, a provisional price is now quoted to the customer straight away, so they do not lose time in having to request a quote and waiting for it to be delivered. In short, it has become just as easy to book a tradesperson as it is to reserve a hotel room online. And the advantages for tradespeople are obvious. Buildigo supports their business – from enquiry to payment stage – by taking on time-consuming administrative tasks so they are free to focus on their core business. The platform also flags jobs in the region for tradespeople to expand their catchment areas, while Payrexx’s solution offers them simple and fast payment processing, all under one roof.

Buildigo has been a Mobilière subsidiary since the summer of 2020. In February 2021, the platform was relaunched in the cantons of Zurich and Aargau. Plans are under way to expand to other regions across Switzerland in early 2022. Payrexx has specially designed for Buildigo a payment solution enabling secure online payment of work carried out in the home. “Unique marketplaces such as Buildigo are an important part of our future,” commented Payrexx CEO Ivan Schmid on this successful partnership. Further innovations, such as digital on-site payments, will be trialled with the help of participating tradespeople and gradually released on the market.

About Buildigo
Buildigo AG was founded in 2017, in Bussigny in the canton of Vaud, to operate a digital B2C platform for finding tradespeople. Now a Mobilière subsidiary, it puts owners and tenants wanting to carry out work in their homes in touch with local qualified professionals. The process has been structured to be fuss free, from enquiry to payment stage. Buildigo is currently available in the Lake Geneva region and the cantons of Zurich and Aargau, with plans to expand the service to the rest of Switzerland.

About Payrexx
Payrexx, a start-up founded in 2015 in Thun, in the canton of Bern, specialises in simplified payment processing. As a registered payment facilitator for Mastercard and VISA, it operates an in house-developed payment platform already used by over 30,000 customers. 

The new Payrexx solution offers programmable application interfaces and functions for making payments, setting up marketplaces and paying vendors and service providers worldwide – from a single platform. All Payrexx systems have built-in redundancy, guarantee the highest level of reliability and meet the strict requirements of Level 1 PCI DSS regulations.

PRESS RELEASE 26.05.2021

The moving platform MoveAgain cooperates with Buildigo

The moving platform, MoveAgain, is further expanding its offers for people moving and relocating. As of right now, in addition to transporting furniture and cleaning apartments, the platform will offer other services related to moving. Those other services can now be booked thanks to a new cooperation with Buildigo, The Swiss craftsman platform from Der Mobiliar.

There is a lot to do when moving: Pack your household items, move furniture and clean your previous apartment. All of this could already be booked easily and conveniently on MoveAgain. Thanks to the cooperation with Buildigo, MoveAgain now also offers other services related to moving: before handing over the apartment, you might want to fill in the dowel holes? Or maybe you would like a professional to install the lamps in your new apartment? do the internet setup? Or even hang up the TV and the pictures on a concrete wall? Now all of this is possible thanks to the local craftsmen from Buildigo - Mobiliar's Swiss craftsmen platform.

Alexander Renner, founder and CEO of MoveAgain: "We are very pleased that, thanks to the cooperation with Buildigo, we will now be able to offer customers even better service for everything related to moving in the future". Michael Hügli, Managing Director of Buildigo: "With MoveAgain we are partnering up with a rapidly growing actor in the moving business and thanks to this cooperation, we will be able to provide our craftsmen with even more local jobs".

Buildigo has been a Mobiliar subsidiary since summer 2020. The platform was relaunched in the cantons of Zurich and Aargau in February 2021. The plan is to cover additional urban regions throughout all part of Switzerland by the beginning of 2022. MoveAgain is the only moving platform in Switzerland where moving and cleaning services can be booked in a few minutes at an immediate price. MoveAgain is a privately financed startup and has been offering its services throughout Switzerland since 2018.

PRESS RELEASE 08.02.2021

Buildigo brokers regional craftsman

The Buildigo craftsmen platform is starting today in the Zurich and Aarau regions. As the first ever digital craftsmen platform, the La Mobilière subsidiary supports clients from initial request through to payment.

Anyone looking for a carpenter, painter or electrician will find one on the Buildigo craftsmen platform. Priority is placed here on the quality of the service partners and digital processing. This offers clear added value not only for private individuals but also for SMEs: Buildigo brokers orders for them and relieves them of administrative tasks.

Buildigo has been a subsidiary of La Mobilière since the summer of 2020. The start-up has already been active in Western Switzerland since 2017 and supplements the services of La Mobilière in the residential sector. Tenants and homeowners receive simple digital access to the best local tradespersons. Buildigo is the first craftsmen platform to support clients from initial job request through to payment of the work carried out.

The new craftsmen platform is starting with a selected range of offers in the most relevant sectors in the regions of Zurich and Aarau. The offering is to be gradually expanded over the next few months.

PRESS RELEASE 08.06.2020

Mobiliar übernimmt Handwerkerplattform Buildigo

Die Mobiliar übernimmt das Westschweizer Start-up Buildigo und ergänzt damit ihre Dienstleistungen rund ums Thema Wohnen. Gemeinsam mit dem Gründerteam will sie die Vermittlungsplattform für Handwerker in der ganzen Schweiz gross machen.

Um ihre Kundinnen und Kunden ganzheitlich und künftig auch über die Branchengrenzen hinaus zu begleiten, setzt die Mobiliar auf Business-Ökosysteme. Grundlage dafür sind die digitale Vernetzung und Pattformen, auf denen die verschiedenen Aktivitäten gebündelt werden. Buildigo ist eine solche digitale Plattform: Sie stiftet Hauseigentümern und Mietern Mehrwert, indem sie für konkrete Bedürfnisse qualifizierte Handwerker aus der eigenen Region vermittelt.

Mehrwert für Privatpersonen und KMU
Wer einen Schreiner, Maler oder Elektriker sucht, findet ihn auf der Handwerkerplattform Buildigo. Die Qualität der Leistungspartner und eine möglichst umfassende digitale Abwicklung stehen dabei im Vordergrund. Ein klarer Mehrwert für Privatpersonen. Aber auch für KMU: Buildigo vermittelt ihnen Aufträge und entlastet sie von administrativen Aufgaben.

Ausbau des Ökosystems rund ums Wohnen
Seit November 2019 war die Mobiliar mit einem eigenen Prototypen einer Handwerkerplattform aktiv und hat das Kunden- und Marktbedürfnis eruiert. Um möglichst rasch viele Nutzerinnen und Nutzer in der ganzen Schweiz anzusprechen, entschied sich die Mobiliar, die Plattform Buildigo zu kaufen, ein Start-up, das schon seit 2017 am Markt aktiv ist. Dank Buildigos Erfahrungen in der Westschweiz und dem fachlich starken, motivierten Gründerteam lag eine Übernahme auf der Hand. «Das Start-up ist neu eine 100-prozentige Tochtergesellschaft der Mobiliar und ergänzt ihr Ökosystem ‘Mieten, Kaufen, Wohnen’», sagt Thomas Trachsler, COO der Mobiliar und designierter Verwaltungsratspräsident von Buildigo: «Nach der Gründung des Mieterportals aroov ist Buildigo ein weiterer Meilenstein, dank dem wir Privatkunden und KMU zusätzliche Dienstleistungen vor und nach dem eigentlichen Versicherungsbedürfnis bieten können.» Raphael Breitschmid, Mitgründer von Buildigo: «Wir freuen uns, dass wir mit der Mobiliar einen strategischen Partner gefunden haben, der uns hilft, unsere Plattform weit über die Westschweiz hinaus zum Erfolg zu führen.»