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Maintain the value of your property

Avoid damage to your property by checking the condition of the building regularly. Our local craftsmen will be happy to help you.

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Michael Hügli
Michael Hügli
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The home is often the most significant investment of private individuals. Regular maintenance is therefore important as it allows the owner to safeguard the value of the property and to prevent damages. In this article, we show you what you should check annually.

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Check the floors for any damage or moisture. Moisture in particular can indicate damage to the floor heating or other water pipes. In any case, early repair is worthwhile. Walls should also be checked for cracks or first signs of mould. Here as well, damage can be avoided if discovered and taken care of early enough. We also recommend that you carry out a functional check of the interior doors. Does the mechanism still work and is the door seal neither brittle nor defective?

Technical elements

Have your heating correctly adjusted by a professional. Regular venting of the heating system ensures that only hot water and not air fills the radiators. This helps to save heating costs which is more important today than ever. Check your water pipes and plumbing. Are all pipes tight and not dripping anywhere? Is there no water running in the toilet? This will not only prevent damage, but also save you water and money. If the water pipes are protected by a filter, you should have the filter changed once a year. Also check for limescale in the bathroom, WC and kitchen. Our plumbers will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Do your household appliances still work properly and are the supply lines leak-proof? Follow our tips for repairing minor defects in household appliances or contact one of our specialist partners.


Moss on the roof can look beautiful, but it should be avoided. Especially if it is a large area. Have the moss removed regularly by a local and quality-checked professional. Also make sure that your roof drains are not blocked so that water can drain away. Our professionals will be happy to offer you work on your roof drains. Visually inspect your photovoltaic system and check its performance compared to the previous year. If there is a sharp drop in performance, you should have this checked by an electrician.

Check the façade and the masonry for moisture and cracks. If necessary, have these analysed and repaired by a professional. A new coat of paint on the façade doesn't cost a fortune and will give your home a new shine. A lot of heat can be lost through the windows. This is neither sustainable nor does it help to save heating costs. Therefore, check the closing mechanism and seals of your windows and front door. Have any defects replaced before the cold season. Our blind manufacturers can also help you repair defective blinds and slats.

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